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Designing a good UI can present some tough challenges. Human/computer interfaces often have to represent the wrangling of some pretty abstract concepts. They expose a »

The anatomy of time

"Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so." I designed to translate time between time zones across multiple cities simultaneously. It answers the question "when »

Kanban isn't relevant to me

"Kanban isn't relevant to me because I don't run a development team." I've heard this sentiment a few times of late, and I guess it's understandable »

Towards Kanban

A month ago, my employer arranged two days of Kanban training. We've long used a kanban board, so we were a little surprised to hear we »

F**k timezones

"Seriously, fuck timezones. Pretty soon we'll all be living in space, and our ludicrous sunshine-upon-a-sphere-based localised time naming bullshit will be a laughable relic of the »