The Lambeth Country Show

Many would agree that 2016 has been a relentless unmitigated disaster; in this week alone we've seen the truck attack in Nice, the failed coup in Turkey, the baffling appointment of Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary and the apocalyptically premature disbanding of the department for energy and climate change.

So after this week it's fair to say I was feeling genuinely low. It was fortuitous, then, that the weekend brought with it the Lambeth Country Show.

The best vegetables.

Despite having lived in Lambeth for nearly 5 years, I'd always missed the show, writing it off as a small and likely quaint but ultimately disappointing diversion.

A dog herding ducks.

I was 100% wrong. It is a huge and beautiful celebration: inclusive, unpretentious, put on by the local council and supported by local businesses and farms from all around London.

Cathies in rehearsal

It's also unashamedly ridiculous - there's jousting, there's the sheep show (shearing and dancing) and there's the dogs and the ducks. This year there were more Kate Bush Cathies gathered together than there ever have been anywhere before, dancing the Wuthering Heights dance ("into prayer!", "zombie arms!", "now disappear!") en masse. I saw more than one likeness of both Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump rendered in vegetable.

Celery Corbean

In short, it was exactly what I needed - a powerful demonstration of what a lively and inclusive community can produce at its best. Long may it continue.