Retiring the not-a-blog

The not-a-blog was born out of frustration with over-engineered, difficult-to-extend blogging platforms. I'd hosted a wordpress blog, but the editor was clumsy; writing was carving out of sand, form and content quickly crumbling under waves of compound glitches. It was extensible, but not in a way I could immediately understand. It felt heavy.

The not-a-blog was light, it was simple. Posts were written as .html files, then scp'ed onto the server. They were served up by a cherrypy + pystache Python process. The whole thing was 126 lines of Python.

So why change? On my last post on the not-a-blog, I stated my intention to upgrade the blog to support markdown in the blog post files, and to write more posts. I failed on both counts. I couldn't motivate myself to write when there were code changes to make; I couldn't motivate myself to code changes to support a blog I wasn't writing.

In the meantime, I came across ghost - initially via their kickstarter. It was everything I wanted a blogging platform to be. Lightweight, self-hostable, and (most importantly of all), beautiful. The editing UI's unique feature is to provide a split-screen interface - you type into the markdown editor on the left; the final output is rendered on the right. It's clean, and neatly dodges the apparently inevitable glitching of web-based WYSIWYG editing:

To complement my beautiful new blog, I've stolen a piece of artwork from the Internet; I think it is originally from ishutani on deviantart. It's simple, and somehow hopeful; it sums up what I'd like this blog to be. Should this blog defy the odds and spark into life, I promise to obtain it more legitimately: